Notes to Self

As I feel the time travelling in front of my eyes and inside my veins, as I feel my growth as a woman I start to have a different view about life. I am looking at details in a way I haven't looked before and I've gained a new perception of beauty, happiness and certainty that is quite poetic but at the same time critical and real.
I will not apologize to sound cliché because sometimes we tend to forget these things and suddenly we find ourselves drowning in many circumstances.
I've made some notes to myself, that I hope to be useful when I ignore it:

Remember that only you can decide the way your life will happen. Don’t let anyone, with their words, their decisions or their actions dictate the story of your life. Be the main character of your book.
You are beautiful. So act accordingly, always. Especially when you wake up and when you go to bed. These are the most important hours of your day. Being grateful is a way to express beauty.
Make room for change. Be open minded. If something changes in your life, you have the power to make it a good thing.   
If you want to let it go, no matter what, learn that the more you fight against it, the harder it will be for you. Take time to understand why it has to go, if necessary have a sip, swim in this matter… make this journey slowly, in your time, but effectively. 
Understand that most of the things happening in your life, they do because of you. Because of your thoughts, your actions. Because of your distraction or simply because you wanted to ignore. Be intelligent. Be emotionally intelligent. You can be a sucessful woman if you want to. And note that successful is a broad term, it has space for many concepts.
Have patience and understand that some things in life take time. Understand also that life is all about lessons and that anything lasts forever. Embrace all these lessons, without them it wouldn’t be possible to build the best version of you. 
Trust your intuition. Listen to her. It has proven you that she hardly fails. But be critical when needed. Search for balance and know where to use each: Intuition or logic.
Work hard. Work really hard to achieve your goals. Create new goals, new challenges. Make questions. Life is about it.
Remember that it is OK to be you. It is Ok to be sweet, to be helpful and to feel for others. Being you doesn't mean being weak. Celebrate yourself and improve when needed.  
Smile. Everyday. For little and big things. And if you find it difficult to do by yourself, search for things that make you smile. Surround yourself with positive people. Learn to be happy. Is a one-way journey. 

And the most important:   
Home will always be the best place on earth.  


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